The culture that evolves from 1 pen or 1 sheet of paper is infinite.
In other words, stationery is not only a tool, but at the same times also represents a portal to culture.
Our stationery is not only practical, but also releases the sensibilities and creativity in those that use them.

Stationery that frees your creativity.

Selecting an item from the DELFONICS range is akin to selecting a book, music or a movie.



3-23-20 Yakumo, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
152-0023 Japan
Tel 03-3723-0092

October 1988

Production and design of original stationery and desktop accessories
Retail, wholesale, import/export of stationery and desktop accessories
Management of directly run retail stores DELFONICS and Smith


The birth of DELFONICS was marked by a diary in which you could enter your own dates in 1987. The following year, 1988, DELFONICS started to design and produce dated diaries. These were unique and the fresh design approach garnered attention not only from the stationery market, but also from variety stores and the fashion industry. In 1995, DELFONICS started to design and produce photo albums, an item which was to become another of its flagship products. With its unique product lineup gradually growing, DELFONICS exhibited in its first exhibition in the same year. DELFONICS becomes recognized as a manufacturer of designer stationery.

In order to further showcase the attraction and value of its original product lineup, DELFONICS opened its first direct-to-the-customer store, Smith Shibuya, (later renamed DELFONICS Shibuya) in 1997.
DELFONICS is a select shop specializing in stationery and assumes the role of the manufacturer’s flagship store, while Smith focuses more on casual stationery, assorted goods, accessories and other fashion items.
DELFONICS aims to establish a truly unique stationery store, rooted in the local community which not only offers a range of unique and practical products, but also conveys the fun and enjoyment of stationery.

DELFONICS Shibuya and DELFONICS Osaka: each of these stores boasts a gallery area where small exhibitions are held. <six factory>, the experimental base of DELFONICS, is home to a range of events with music and visual imagery and also publishes a free paper to promote events, and produces books and CDs.

DELFONICS has in the past, and will continue to in the future, nurture and convey the culture of stationery.